Have a look to the below listed amenities that should make your life easier while booking a space of your choice at Heritage North. We are also improving day by day to provide you even better hospitality services.

Comfortable Seating

If you intend to have day-long training sessions or long board meetings, your attendees will thank you for choosing a venue with comfortable chairs. When looking at a venue’s seating, we also pay attention to the meeting room’s space, lighting, layout and the availability of electrical ports, connectors and peripherals for your laptops. You definitely not want to be tripping over a chunk of wires during corporate meets and presentations.

High Speed, Reliable Internet

Another given in terms of amenities, high-speed internet with reliable connectivity. If the internet is spotty or if it is shared with other meeting rooms, you may be left waiting for web-pages and images to load. Though most top meeting rooms ensure that Internet connectivity is always spot on, it always helps to check it out in advance.

Audio Visual & Other Equipment

Mics, speakers, screens, projectors, etc. are the standard AV equipment required at meeting and business event venues. Whiteboards, whiteboard markers, screen pointers, etc. also come in handy. Check all the equipment not just before you book the venue but also before the scheduled board meeting.

Meeting Room Ancillary Spaces

Meeting rooms are not just about the actual room where the meeting takes place. Have spaces such as a foyer that is used as a reception area, an open area, garden or terrace which is used to serve light snacks and drinks during breaks, and a cloakroom is such an added advantage. Especially so if your meeting is long or runs over multiple days, like a conference.

Catering for Meals & Light Snacks

For shorter meetings, light, non-messy snacks and finger foods make better sense, while events that end just before lunchtime ideally end with a business lunch. Meeting spaces already have catering services with set menus to choose from.

Professional Organizing Services 

This facility comes in extremely handy as you can fix your requirements in a single meeting with the venue’s business services team and let them handle the rest. Right from guiding you through the various packages on offer before you make your booking, all the way to setting up things on the meeting day, professional organizing saves you a whole lot of hassles and definitely some stress.

Corporate Social Responsibility 

Making a positive impact in our community is at the heart of everything we do at the Heritage North. Aside from contributing to our region’s economy, we are a committed neighbor who strives to give back in many tangible ways through partnerships with local charities, businesses and academic institutions.

Especially, to support those in Toronto who are struggling with food security during COVID-19 Pandemic.

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