Welcome to The Heritage North, where we are committed to being a sustainable environment, providing a quality service in a manner which maximizes our impact on the environment. The International Centre recognizes that our business may have social and environmental effects and we are committed to mitigating these implications by adopting best practices through continuous improvement.
The Heritage North actively supports its local community groups and charitable organizations. Each year our staff participates in fundraising endeavors to assist in meeting the needs of these groups.
We cultivate talent from the ground up with our commitment to industry-academia; investing through scholarships, internships, co-ops, curriculum development and monetary donations. We believe that through educating young professionals at the beginning of their career we can influence the industry by making sustainable business practices the new standard.
The Heritage North continuously seeks to reduce and save energy. From lighting retrofits to equipment upgrades, we’re always looking for better, innovative solutions. The Heritage North is proud to host many sustainable and socially conscious events.
The Heritage North believes that giving back leads to growing stronger.